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Sod Installation

When the lawn at your home or business hasn’t been cared for properly sometimes it just needs to be replaced with new sod. Sod is grass that has been planted and then the grass, roots and a portion of dirt is removed, then re-laid at your home or business. Sod is used to help establish a new lawn quickly, where growing a lawn with seed is a much longer process.

The most popular sod choices for South Carolina.

  • Palmetto St. Augustine: This grass has a coarse texture, grows quickly and is a good choice for a new lawn in South Carolina.
  • Palisades Zoysia: Darker green in color with a medium texture that is shade tolerant and has low water usage requirements. This is a great choice for residential or commercial properties.
  • Royal Zoysia: Beautiful green color with fine texture, this sod is slower growing, grows well in full shaded areas, but will also grow in partially shaded areas.
  • Bermuda: Has a fine texture with a deep root system this warm season sod likes full sun and is tolerant to heat. Great for high traffic areas.
  • Centipede: Is a turf grass that doesn’t need a lot of maintenance or fertilization and is a great choice for residential lawns.

How to care for your sod.

Your new sod will be watered thoroughly immediately after we install it. You should water your sod everyday, or every other day, dependent upon the weather. You want to keep the sod and the surface of the soil moist until the sod takes root, approximately one to three weeks depending on the sod type and weather conditions. You should stay off your new sod for the first 2-3 weeks. Once your sod is fully rooted after 2-3 weeks, you can then begin to mow your new lawn. To maintain your new lawn after it has rooted, you should water regularly, fertilize, treat for weeds and treat for pests. This simple maintenance will keep your lawn green and healthy.

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