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Outdoor Lighting

At Windmill Services, we've installed many outdoor lighting systems for homes and businesses in Columbia, SC and the surrounding areas. When you add outdoor lighting to your property, you add a feeling of luxury and majorly enhance your property's aesthetic appearance at night.

When looking at outdoor lighting for your property, think about the areas you'd like to see lit up. We can apply different types of lighting to different elements such as:

  • Landscape beds
  • Individual trees
  • Walkways and paths
  • Driveways
  • Patios and entrances
  • Hardscape elements
  • Homes, building and other structures

We use only professional-grade lighting systems.

When we do an outdoor lighting install at your property, we use only the best lighting systems. Our lighting systems are powered with Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting, a premiere outdoor lighting manufacturer since 1985.

Because everyone has different needs, the lights we use for your project are chosen specifically for your property. We'll choose the correct lighting to ensure we're maximizing use and efficiency, while meeting your requirements. A few of the lighting techniques we use include:

  • Up-Lighting: Often referred to as, accent lighting, is where we use low voltage lighting strategically placed on the ground to light up an element, like a tree.
  • Down-Lighting: Just like it sounds, lighting that shines down from above and is primarily used to highlight large areas or large hardscape elements.
  • Spotlighting: Used when we want to highlight a focal point or main object on your property/landscape.
  • Pathlighting: A well known type of lighting that uses many lights along an entire walkway, pathway or driveway.

If you're located in Columbia, SC or other nearby area, just give us a call at (803) 513-3662 for your free outdoor lighting estimate!

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Outdoor lighting enhances your property and landscaping at night.

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