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Irrigation Installation & Repairs

Expert irrigation services in Columbia, SC and surrounding areas.

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Complete irrigation services for residential and commercial properties in the Columbia, SC area.

Irrigation Installation

Many home and business owners in Columbia, Forest Acres, Elgin and other nearby South Carolina areas desire a lush, healthy and green lawn and landscape. To achieve that goal a consistent watering schedule will be needed. Our clients do not want, or have time, to set up a manual sprinkler system to hydrate their lawns and landscaping. Windmill Services offers customized irrigation systems to provide adequate water to your lawn, shrubs, trees and flowers for healthy growth.

Why do you need an irrigation system?

Having an irrigation system can save you money by properly watering your lawn with the appropriate amount of water. When manually watering your lawn it can be inconsistent, meaning some parts of the lawn do not receive adequate water while others are over watered. Using an irrigation system vs. manual watering will reduce your water usage and insure proper watering.

When we install new landscaping or sod, you want to protect that investment with proper watering so it can continue healthy growth. Installing a new irrigation system or maintaining your current one will keep your lawn and landscaping properly watered, healthy and strong.

Maintenance and repair of your irrigation system

There are many different components in an irrigation system that must be maintained and repaired. A standard irrigation system includes:

  • The Controller: This is the component that controls the system turning it on and off, based on the scheduled time and duration.
  • Heads: These are what you actually see that spray your lawn and landscaping.
  • Valves: These open and close to control the supply of water to each zone.
  • Zone Lines: This is the pipe that connects each zone to the main line.
  • Sprinkler Zone: Irrigation systems have several zones each zone has several sprinkler heads for full coverage of that zone.
  • Main Line: This is the main pipe that delivers water to the rest of the irrigation system.
  • Backflow Preventer: This keeps water from flowing back into the municipal water supply.
  • Shutoff Valve: This is used to shut off the water supply if a water line were to break.

When you hire Windmill Services for lawn and landscaping services, we highly recommend installing an irrigation system if you don't have one, or ensuring your existing one is working properly. We want your new lawn and landscaping to thrive and your irrigation system is a big part of that.

Sod Services

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Our sod installation and replacement service gives you a new lawn overnight!

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